Dwellings in Deficient State of Repair

Percentage of households living in a dwelling with at least one of the following deficiencies: leaky roof, dampness, rot in window frames or floors.

Data host: 

Social Indicators Research Centre

Unit of Measurement: 

Percentage (%)

Description to get data: 

PDF-file with data May be also possible to find data through: http://gesis-simon.de/simon_eusi/index.php 1. Press "European Data" 2. Press "Hierarchic" 3. DO NOT PRESS - put mouse pointer on "Housing" 4. Press "All indicators for F..." 5. Press "Dwellings in deficient ..." 6. Press "Total" 7. Press "All 32 Countries" 8. Go to the bottom of the page (below the graph with the results) 9. Choose F2 "Dwellings in deficient state"

Type of Indicator source: 

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