About the data in our Factsheets

The data in our fact sheets

A fact sheet is provided for each indicator on Measuring Progress. The fact sheet is designed to help you determine whether an indicator would be useful for your purpose, and if so, how you should use it.

The fact sheet is divided in the following categories.

Basic information

This section gives you a first overview of the indicator. It contains a description of the indicator as well as a direct link to the data for this indicator. The name of the data source, the type of data source and the unit of measurement are also included.

Data availability

This section helps you determine whether this indicator can be used for your specific policy issues. You can read about the geographical coverage and level, temporal coverage, frequency of updates, publishing delay of the indicator as well as whether there are fees to access the data.

Indicator construction

This section will mention any reputable green economy indicator sets that the indicator is included in. It also links you to related indicators and tells you what aggregation level applies to this indicator.

Indicator quality

Any relevant methodological reports or quality assessments will be linked to in this section, if available.

Indicator application

The fact sheet explains how to interpret the indicator with regard to progress towards the green economy. It also highlights risks of misinterpretation and suggests indicators to avoid these interpretation pitfalls.

Link to the green economy

The fact sheet shows to which green economy topics the indicator has been linked in the database.


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