About the search options

There are three different ways to search the database and receive indicator suggestions.

Try the keyword search first!

The keyword search is quick, user-friendly, and simple. Just enter a term of interest (e.g. "green jobs", "poverty", or "biodiversity"), select a proposed keyword from the drop-down menu and immediately receive suggestions of related indicators from the database.

You can enter additional keywords and the website will provide indicator suggestions for all selected keywords ordered by their combined relevance. The "Clear All" button enables you to remove all selected keywords and start over. The filters below the search box are there to help narrow down your results.

Need more structure? Navigate the topic tree.

The topic tree was designed to help the experienced user find indicators of interest within a specific green economy topic area. It is also useful for users who do not have a keyword in mind and want to learn more about the topics included in the green economy field.

The tree structure enables you to find indicators related to a topic (by clicking on its name) or to unfold its sub-topics (by clicking on the + symbol next to its name). Multiple topics can be added to your search. The tool will return indicator suggestions sorted by their combined relevance to the selected topics.

Just like in the keyword search, the "Clear All" button enables you to remove all selected topics and start over while the filters below the search box help narrow down your results.

Didn’t work? Explore the full text search.

If you could not find the keyword or topic you had in mind, it is also possible to search with a full text search. Like any search engine, the website will then look for your search term in all texts of the database.