About the indicators on the website


Over 200 indicators on Measuring Progress currently have fully completed fact sheets. More indicators were included without full fact sheets because they are related to the first indicators. If you want to find more information on indicators with incomplete fact sheets, you should follow the links to their data source which is given in the fact sheets.

How did we select the indicators for Measuring Progress?

There is an vast number of indicators and sources related to the green economy and the development team needed to limit this number to a manageable size and choose the most relevant indicators. The following steps have been applied to choose the indicators:

  1. Over 100 papers on the green economy were assessed and all indicators and indicator sets mentioned were collected in an unstructured list.
  2. The indicators from the indicator sets on green economy, sustainable development and green growth in the list were collected to achieve a broad set of indicators already chosen by reputable organisations for their contribution to the green economy.
  3. For each topic in the topic tree, 2-3 indicators were chosen to be the most relevant indicators. Fully completed fact sheets were prepared for these indicators.
  4. All additional indicators that have been linked to these indicators in the data entering process received limited information in their fact sheets including the description and the link to the data.
  5. An indicator entry form and an entry protocol have been developed to facilitate new indicator entries to the database in the course of the project and beyond.

About the topic tree

The objective of the topic tree is to identify the main themes and issues associated with the Green Economy. Five main branches have been identified (Environmental Sustainability, Social justice, Quality of life, Economic Sustainability and Resilience, and Effective Governance). This is structured in a tree form of increasing detail, where each of the main branches is sub-divided into smaller branches and twigs.

The topic tree was developed by integrating knowledge from existing literature and the opinions from green economy experts. It is a simplified representation of a complex subject and some interlinkages between some of the topics are not represented here. The topic tree simply intends to encompass the main green economy themes and issues. It also helped structure the database and should facilitate the user experience.

Since the topics are linked to indicators and key words, the Measuring Progress database includes more complex connections than the two dimensional topic tree can show.