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    Abundance and distribution of selected species

    "This indicator shows trends in the abundance of common birds and butterflies over time across their European ranges."

    Retrieved from,, on 10.04.2015

    Accidents at work standardised incidence rate 

    Population feeling safe when walking alone in their area after dark (under development in SILC 2013)


    Access to transport services

    Accessibility to basic services and markets by transport mode

    Accidental and illegal discharges of oil by ships at sea

    Accidental oil spills from marine shipping

    Agriculture and forestry

    Agriculture: area under management practices potentially supporting biodiversity

    Agriculture: nitrogen balance

    Air pollution by ozone

    Ammonia emissions

    The indicator measures emissions of Ammonia (NH3). It also provides information on emissions by sectors (e.g. Industrial processes; Road transport)

    Animal phenology

    Aquaculture production

    Aquaculture: effluent water quality from finfish farms

    Annual trend in release of nutrients into the marine environment as a result of aquaculture practices.

    Source:, retrieved on 15-04-2015

    Arctic sea ice extent

    The indicator shows the trend in Arctic sea ice extent in March ( the month of sea ice extent maximum) and September (the month of sea ice extent minimum).
    Retrieved from on 08/04/2015

    Area under organic farming

    Atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations

    Average age of the vehicle fleet

    Bathing water quality